COSME Week Tokyo
Jan. 15-17, 2025
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

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Feel the on-site excitement! (Scenes are from the 2024 show.)

Features of the show 

1. Variety of Made in Japan Beauty Products

2. Unique & Forefront Ingredients will gather

3. Wide Variety of Containers/Packaging

~ COSME WEEK TOKYO consists of 6 specialised shows to cover the hall of Cosmetics and Beauty Industries ~


Exhibits mainly cosmetics from Japan and abroad, as well as supplements and beauty equipment. A great place to stock up on the latest cosmetics and keep up with trends.


Raw materials, Private labels, packages, OEM, and promotional tools will be on show. New products, technologies, and development tips can be found there.


Various products supporting inner beauty such as health foods, drinks, and supplements will be exhibited.


Japan's only BtoB show specialises in aesthetic medicine for beauty equipment & salon services.

Cosmetics Marketing Expo

Gathering all kinds of hair care products/technologies, from home care to salon use. 

Hair Expo Tokyo

Japan's first exhibition specialised in cosmetics marketing from branding to customer loyalty improvement.

Useful Information for Visiting


Visitor registration (free) is required.
※Please note that every visitor is required to register in advance.
Once you have completed your visitor registration, you will receive your exclusive "visitor badge" and a "visitor badge exchange QR code" by email three weeks before the exhibition.
Please print your visitor badge in colour in A4 size and bring it to the exhibition venue.
Printers are also available at the exhibition venue for those who cannot print. Please show the "visitor badge exchange QR code" at the reception counter.
Badge holders are available at the exhibition. Please insert this badge into the badge holder before entry.


Please refer below.
*Admission for persons under 18 years of age:

-Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (aged 18 or over).
-Registration is only valid for persons aged 18 and over. Please register the information for only accompanying adult on the form.
-Please contact Show Management in advance if you intend to bring more than five persons under 18 years of age.

Admission fee is FREE of charge, however visitor registration (free) is required.

Whether or not a visa is necessary in order to enter Japan varies by your nationality.
For details, please refer to the "Guide to Japanese Visas" in website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

For particular details, please contact your nearest Japanese diplomatic mission directly. Please note that Show Management does not support visitors for VISA application.

Click the following link and refer to the transport access information.
Venue Info & Access >>

Hotels located in Odaiba/Ariake Areas which have good access to the show venue are recommended by our past exhibitors and visitors. Please book a hotel by yourself. 

E-mail us with the following subject line: "Add me to the Mailing List for the Show".

Yes, the '"visitor badge'" is valid for 3 days during the exhibition once issued. Please note that due to the enormous scale of the exhibition, we recommend that you visit the exhibition for 2 or 3 days.

Please visit the following website to search information of exhibitors.
Note: Exhibitor Directory for upcoming show will be available from approx. three months prior to the opening of the show.
Exhibitor Directory >>

Before Your Visit

Check Who & What will be exhibited

Exhibitor Directory

You can search by exhibitor names, keywords such as product names, or filter by categories.

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*Exhibitor Directory for Upcoming Show to be available when it's ready

Product Directory

You can search by exhibitor names, keywords such as product names, or filter by categories.

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*Exhibitor Directory for Upcoming Show to be available when it's ready

Make Contact with Exhibitors of Your Interest

Exhibitor's contact information is available on each exhibitor's page, which is accessible from both Exhibitors/Products Directory.
Contact exhibitors of your interest to set appointments during the show, inquire about products, etc.

*Exhibitor Directory for Upcoming Show to be available when it's ready

The numbers of exhibitors/countries (including co-exhibitors) and visitors (including concurrent shows) on this website are forecasts. These numbers may differ from the actual numbers at the show.