COSME Week Osaka

Sep. 27 (Wed) - 29 (Fri), 2023
Venue: INTEX Osaka, Japan

What's COSME Week Osaka?

At COSME Week, everything for beauty like cosmetics brands, health foods, ingredients, OEM, packaging, beauty equipment, etc., gather at once!

Osaka edition consists of the following 2 shows:

Video from the Show

< COSME Week Tokyo 2023>

[UP NEW]  Exhibitor Interview

< COSME Week Tokyo 2023>

Video from Day 1 [Jan. 11, 2023]

< COSME Week Osaka 2022>

Video from Day 1 [Sep. 28, 2022]

2023/03/17           [Tokyo Edition] Postshow Report is now released!
 Exhibitor Interview is up!
[Tokyo Edition] Visitor Count 2023 released!
Visitor Ticket Request for upcoming show also available!    
2023/01/13           Exhibiting Info Request available!   

2023/01/12           [Tokyo Edition] Video from Day 1 released! 
[Tokyo Edition] Floor Map available!

2022/11/16           [Osaka Edition] Postshow Report is now released!
[Tokyo Edition] Exhibitor Directory available!
 [Osaka Edition] Video from Day 1 released! 
[Osaka Edition] Visitor Count 2022 released!

Contact Us

Organiser: RX Japan Ltd.
COSME Week Show Management

TEL: +81-3-3349-8587
FAX: +81-3-3349-4922
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Show Schedule for the Next 2 Years

The numbers of exhibitors/countries (including co-exhibitors) and visitors (including concurrent shows) on this website are forecasts. These numbers may differ from the actual numbers at the show.


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